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Funding Consulting
for Rural Communities

Decipher Consulting Services helps rural organizations make sense of projects by helping in two specific areas:

  • Consulting: Project Execution Plans that are realistic for the organization and its resources;


  • Coaching: Workshops that help build organizational / community capacity by coaching organizations to write effective grant applications and create impactful fundraising campaigns.

Decipher is able to work 1:1 with individuals or organizationson application or project specific needs.

Decipher also provides workshops for nonprofits and public sector organizations that help to build a wider capacity in grant writing, collaboration, and project execution.

Grant Writing Workshops

Grant Writing for Rural Communities is a customized workshop that focuses on project fundraising approaches with a rural lens. Recognizing issues like limitedcapacity or diminished lobbying power, this workshop highlights both grant writingbasics and the strategies required to help rurally - based projects stand out.

Participants are able to bring project concepts, current, or previous grant applicationsas a way to focus individual results of the workshop. In other words, we apply what welearn in the presentation to an active project or concept, in order to build capacity and create actionable steps on the spot.

Contact Melisa today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 204-647-6011 to set up a FREE consultation to learn more.